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  • Method of installation Window Screen

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    First, if the original is equipped with screens, directly with the pressure of the fixed screens pressed into the slot on the line if installed invisible screens or nylon yarn when the pressure can not let screens jumped too tight, so wear screens, of course, with stainless steel gauze not have this problem.

    Second, if not installed screens, and can be used from a Velcro-adhesive screens;

    Installation steps:

    1, clean the surface of the form, to keep it clean and dry, then glue the flat stick on the form, do not pull too tight, the form can be stainless steel, steel, glass, ceramics, etc., as long as the surface is smooth all perfect fit.

    2, the rough surface of the first adhesive stick gauze four sides, then stapler reinforcement; hair surface without adhesive, directly sewn gauze four sides.

    Note: Try not to touch the adhesive Velcro dust, or affect its viscosity, such as lime walls it can only be used once, and then removed to glue on a dusty useless.

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