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    Sports Fence refers to the application used in various sports venues around, play the role of protective isolation fence mesh, woven wire mesh fence belonging Stadium Fence kind , it is the woven mesh fence borders with a combination of a phase new types of fence products . Anping can work Fence Fence weaving factory new style, complete specifications, installation is simple .
    Sports Fence product features :
    1 , with the appearance of beautiful , bright colors characteristic , giving a pleasure
    2 Fence has good flexibility , suitable for all kinds of ball games venues

    A playground Fence Installation Guide
    1 , first install the column, the column and embedded parts butt good, then tighten the nuts.
    2, then the horizontal tube connected with the column casing , than good size , followed by re- installing under a column , the other end of the horizontal tube connected with the column tube .
    3, open wire mesh, fence mesh network will pave two feather aligning reinforcement bars correspond to wear into the edge of the chain link fence
    4, will be put rebar mesh fence uprights and horizontal tube linked to Komagari on , hang on both sides , and then hang up the lower ends
    5 , and finally cross curved feather fence mesh well, so along the direction of reinforcement bars , so Fence on well fixed to the reinforcement bar.

    A main pillar of embedded parts

    1 , when the foundation was doing embedded 120mm × 120mm × 6mm of iron, iron bottom welding 4-6 root diameter about 5mm steel , rooted deep 300mm. Each embedded parts iron distance of 3 meters ( can be customized according to the actual length of venue )

    2, such as foundation has been done, that the use of expansion screw the base plate fixed to the ground .

    Two , column soldered

    Connection of welding welding, stud welding in the embedded iron, the main column height 4400mm, then install the horizontal column , under cross- pillar 40mm height from the ground .

    Third, Fence Installation

    The woven mesh fence tiled floor , put around the bars , and then fixed to the column, and tighten the screws with a tail drill , screw spacing of 300mm to 400mm.

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